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My Story

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My photography career like everything began with my parents. My mother laid a strong foundation in the arts; from crayon, to pencil, then watercolors, acrylic, and oil. With my father it began on a hilltop watching a distant storm when he placed a camera in my hands, which then made appearances throughout my adolescence during special family outings like Yosemite in the fall. Realized in the darkroom in high school only to lay dormant through college. Then came the age of digital photography and there was no turning back! My passion for photography stems from an incredible desire to understand the natural world, a similar desire that carried me through my education as a meteorologist. Part artist and part scientist; I am always trying to find a balance of aesthetics and perfection. Trying to capture the story and emotion with a photograph in a way that is visually striking and memorable in itself is always my goal.

My photography accomplishments include a modest assortment of wins in local photography competitions, selections for the East Bay Regional Park District yearly calendar, displays in local art galleries, and the cover of the book perseverance and sustainability in east bay hills.

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