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Ultimate Guide to Bring Children into Nature

In this day and age it is becoming more important than ever to share the natural world with our children to instill the values of our ancestors as stewards of this sacred land that it will be returned to the future generations as it was given to us


In order to take that first step…..on the trail = ) There are several other steps that should be considered to maximize your chances of a successful outing. I am going to make this as easy as possible, that being said, expect to put in a considerable effort. From the planning, preparation, and implementation, I am going to guide you each step of the way...


5 Tips for a Successful outing

Tip #1 Fun is #1

Its all about getting out and having a good time

Tip #2 Be REAListic

-Anticipate challenges.

-There will likely be meltdowns….. patience is a virtue, keep the mood positive 

-Start small and work your way up

Tip #4 communication is HUGE

-Talk with your children (this is your chance, no distractions)

-What is going on around them?

-What do they see?

-What do they like?

-How are they feeling?

-What do they want?

-What would make it better?


Tip # 3 Be aware/Be prepared

-If you feel a meltdown coming address it, then move on without skipping a beat

-Know your surroundings from the trailhead to landmarks to gauge distance and time

- Take plenty of breaks: food/water/comfort level/tired or bored

henry oak.jpg

Tip #5 Implement an objective into the hike

What kid doesn't like to explore and giving them an objective within their reach that the whole family can take part in, well now we are team family.

-Changing leaves

-Blooming flowers



-Check out that rock!

-Check out that tree!!  (big trees/skinny trees/scary trees...)

-What's living on/in that tree/rock?

-Check out that cloud!!! (What do you see?)

-The perfect picnic spot

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