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Landscape Photography Services

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Course I: Light & Location

The Diablo Foothills

There is no scene more iconic of California's beauty than the golden grasslands of the interior Diablo range of California. Its namesake comes from a magnificent isolated mountain representative of the oak trees that stand alone in this vast savannah. A little over 20 miles to reach the cool waters of the Bay to the west and a similar distance to the scorching heat of the interior San Joaquin valley to the east this mountain stands as a barrier allowing the microclimates to meet on its flanks. We will travel through the comfort of the oak woodland into the savannah to visit the craggy outcroppings, solitary majestic oaks, and sweeping vistas found here.

The introductory course of landscape photography will be a personal journey into the foothills to touch on the fundamentals. You will learn how the Bay Area is surrounded by undiscovered beauty just waiting for you. In these large regional expanses there are seasonal changes that transform the landscape. Factors related to weather patterns in association with local topography allow for microclimates to interact with the landscape creating optical phenomena in predictable and spectacular ways. Unfortunately not far from the eyes of millions these are rarely understood, seldom seen, and therefore disregarded. My objective is to help respect, realize, and preserve the endless stream of spectacular scenes that are constantly playing out.


What You'll Learn

Hiking a few miles into nature around sunrise or sunset doesn't leave much room for negotiation once you are out there ...and there usually isn't cell phone service. 


  • Know when, where, and why in advance releasing hidden potential everywhere around you. 

  • Understand the forces at work so you can focus on the mission at hand engaged in the environment around you without distractions. 

  • Realize cues from mother nature to adapt your workflow as weather patterns evolve.

  • Course will be customized based on client knowledge, skill, and ability which will be narrowed down in consultation stage.


Access to Members area includes the following:

  • Guide and map to typically photographed locations within the Bay Area

  • Map displaying significant Oak tree locations

  • Access to large size landscape gallery

  • Ability to buy Fine Art Prints

    • Limited edition prints come with map/guide/description/case study including weather charts/setup

 Clients will be provided with access to Members area for additional resources. 



We will keep this seemingly basic at first learning by experience setting out based on Location and Light. Those two factors drive most photographers and give you a foundation to work with as you venture forth...

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- Personal nature guide and landscape photography teacher - One session lasting about 4 hours for Sunrise at 5AM - 9 AM or Sunset at 5PM - 9-PM
Introduction to Landscape Photography
4 時間

*After completion of Introduction to Landscape Photography Course I: Light & Location a two part course will be available:

  • Course II: Weather Forecasting Tools & Application will include a classroom session followed up with in-field application​​

    • (Includes additional Member benefit: Calendar map of Bay Area that updates as the seasons change to highlight locations based on potential for phenomena)​​

  • Stay tuned for Course III: Time & Space​ (overnight)
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